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Sump pumps are used to drain water in flooded areas around the home. If your home is built on a low or flat area, then you might already know how flooding can be such a nuisance. Before you buy a sump pump in Dorset, you need to consider;

* the components of the pump

* the type of the pump

* the switches

* the method of installation and

* The features of the pump


Since the pump will be used in flooded places, ensure the parts are made of corrosive-free material. Remember to consider the height that the water will be lifted and the capacity of the water as you buy your sump pump. The pump has six main parts which include the sump basin, check valve, discharge hose, backup sump pump system, and the primary sump pump.


Sump pumps are either submersible or pool cover. For the pool cover pump, the motor is wrapped within the sump basin and the unit is fitted below water level. However, a submersible pump is good for smaller sump pits. The motor is outside the sump basin and the motor is attached on the shaft.


* The diaphragm switch uses water pressure to turn the pump on and off.

* Capacitive switches turn the pump on when the water level reaches a pre-set level. It does this using a microprocessor.

* Vertical switches turn the pump on and off automatically when water reaches a predetermined level.


At Alton Pumps, you can always count on excellent service and competitive prices. We conform to the Sump and Sewerage Pump Manufacturers Association, and we have a reputation for excellence. If you need quality sump pump services you can trust, we are the go to source in Dorset and the surrounding areas.

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