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What to Look for in Asbestos Demolition Contractors in London

What to Look for in Asbestos Demolition Contractors in London

By on Sep 12, 2016 in Asbestos Testing Service |

Every year, around 5,000 workers die as a result of asbestos exposure. This might seem quite shocking due to the fact it was banned many years ago. However, properties that were built before the year 2,000 may still contain the naturally occurring fibres, which can cause serious health problems if they settle on the lungs. From life-threatening cancer to respiratory conditions that can worsen if not treated, asbestos is something you really don’t want to come into contact with. If you fear that you could be at risk of disease, be on the lookout for asbestos demolition contractors in London who take a proactive approach. The following qualities will indicate that the professional knows what he or she is doing.

Personal Protective Gear (PPE)

There is a big chance that airbourne particulate matter will be present in the atmosphere when asbestos is disturbed, whether this occurs as a result of cutting, sawing or drilling asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) will prevent the asbestos demolition contractors in London from inhaling the fibres and overalls will be worn to reduce the chances of any fibres getting stuck on clothing and being accidentally transferred to the worksite. Disposable boot covers will also be worn over footwear.

Safe Disposal Arrangements

Asbestos demolition contractors in London will plan ahead of the job to determine how waste will be disposed of. A number of safe practices will be carried out by the licensed worker, such as using a damp rag or type H vacuum cleaner to eliminate any hazardous dust or debris. A segregated compartment will normally be used to place the ACMs inside. This compartment will be both lockable and easily cleanable. Some additional precautions include clearing the space, asking the property occupants to leave the premises and arranging for a registered waste carrier to transport contaminated materials away from the site.

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