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What to Look for in Someone That Offers Asbestos Removal in Pinner

What to Look for in Someone That Offers Asbestos Removal in Pinner

By on May 19, 2016 in Asbestos Testing Service |

Gone are the days when builders would use asbestos to construct properties. The discovery of asbestos and its health-related dangers led to the use of this material being banned. Now, it is illegal to use asbestos for construction purposes, but this is not to say that traces of it don’t remain in your home. This is especially true if the building was constructed 20 years ago or more – a time when the building material was a preferred choice. Paying for asbestos removal in Pinner could prevent health complications from arising and could protect you against cancer and respiratory conditions that are often linked to asbestos exposure, such as mesothelioma. Spend your money wisely by using the following tips when searching for an expert helping hand.

HSE License

Consider this license a kind of work permit. It gives the person specialising in asbestos removal the ability to legally carry out work that adheres with rules, regulations and standards. Someone who has obtained a HSE license will be aware of certain hazards that might prevent them from doing their job easily, such as near flammable or corrosive materials. A license of this kind also demonstrates a person’s ability to focus on work permit system objectives and proves that they are competent when undertaking tasks.

Asbestos Management and Knowledge

How is someone supposed to perform asbestos removal in Pinner if they have poor asbestos knowledge? Asbestos will need to be removed if it is causing a serious health and safety concern. Not only should the person you hire be able to effectively handle and manage asbestos at home but also, in the workplace. Asking about who they have completed work for in the past is a good way of assessing how they are able to meet the demands of various customers.

Environmental Awareness

Asbestos can cause harm to the environment just like it can to someone’s health. The building material can be found in the roof, walls, siding and various other parts of a property. With that being said, it is crucial that the person you hire knows how to access these areas whilst paying thought to the environment and the ways in which asbestos should be disposed of to prevent pollution. Ask about what asbestos abatement techniques the specialist is skilled in and let this information help you to make an informed decision when hiring someone for the job.

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