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What to Look for When Hiring a Roofer

What to Look for When Hiring a Roofer

By on Aug 19, 2015 in Roofing |

If you are ready to purchase a new roof, you likely already know how big of an investment it is. An important element of your new roof will be finding the right roofer for the job. Not just any person or company will do. When you are ready to have Roofing work completed in Derby some tips to help you find the right roofer are found here.

Consider the Bid

You should not automatically accept the lowest bid for the roofing project. A bid that is lower than all the others you receive will likely mean that the roofer is using materials that are poor quality or going to cut corners during the project. However, you should also consider if they have minimal overhead and able to get discounts on materials. If you have any doubt at all regarding how the bid was reached, be sure to ask.

Total Years in Business

You also need to consider the number of years the roofer has been in business. A business who is established is likely going to be there is you need them in the future. Additionally, if the company offers a warranty, you need to be certain that they will be around to honour it if an issue ever comes up.

Insurance and Licensing

Prior to hiring any roofing company you should ensure they have the proper documents. They also need to have adequate insurance coverage to handle any damages or injuries that may occur while working on your property. If they do not have this, then you may be responsible for the costs that are associated with this.

Request References

Any reputable roofer will have no problem providing you with a list of their previous customers. You simply need to be aware that you are going to be getting a list of their happy and completely satisfied customers. After all, it is not in their best interest to provide you with the contact information of customers who were not happy with their work.

Communication Skills

Another important element to consider is the roofer’s communication skills. You need to find a roofer who you can talk to easily about the project and who is able to answer your questions. This will help you stay informed every step of the way during the process. If they do not have good communication skills, then this can result in a number of misunderstandings.

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