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If you have a vehicle that is over three years old, you will have to take it in for a MOT test, to ensure that it is safe to operate on the road. Only qualified mechanics can perform these tests, it’s not something that you can do as a DIY. MOT testing Torquay centres offer these tests and will give you all of the proper paperwork once it passes. Here is a list of what’s included in a MOT test:

* VIN Verification: A Vehicle Identification Number is a number that is unique to each vehicle. This is checked to make sure it matches your vehicle and that it is clearly visible.

* Registration Plate: This should be clearly visible and legible, and should not appear altered.

* Lights: The colour, aim of the headlights, brightness and overall condition is checked.

* Steering and suspension: These will be checked to make sure they are operating safely and are in good overall condition.

* Wipers and washer bottle: The test will include a check to make sure the wipers are in good working order and will give you a clear view of the road.

* Windscreen: This will be checked for chips and cracks. If the tester finds major damage, it will need to be repaired as soon as possible.

* Horn: This is checked for suitability and effectiveness.

* Seatbelts: All seatbelts need to be working and are tested for overall operation and security.

* Seats: The front seats are checked to ensure they are secure and the seat adjustment is in working order.

* Fuel system: Leaks are checked for, as well as the gas cap to make sure it fastens securely.

* Emissions: Exhaust emissions are checked to make sure they are within government guidelines.

* Body Work: Excessive rust, chips, dents and other damage is inspected to make sure the frame has not been compromised.

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