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Why Drains get Clogged

Why Drains get Clogged

By on Aug 18, 2015 in Plumber |

Many people want to know exactly why their drains get clogged. After all, this somewhat common occurrence is annoying and frustrating and can lead to the inability to use a sink or drain. Drains are specifically designed to drain water; however, water is not the only thing that goes down them. Unfortunately, there are not too many options to help prevent these other items from going down the drain. However, understanding the drain and the options to minimise the potential of a clog can help keep drains healthy and reduce the need for professional Drain Clearance in Bristol.

Drains in the Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink puts up with quite a bit of abuse. They endure paper products, food products, grease and virtually everything in between. This makes it pretty easy to imagine why this drain may become clogged. This is even truer if the drain has a diameter that is smaller than the actual drain pipe.

Drains in the Bathroom

The sinks in the bathroom do not have to deal with quite as many different types of debris, but they have to handle an entirely different type of issue: hair. Hair has the bad habit of clinging to everything it touches, including drains in the bathroom sink. The length of the hair is almost completely irrelevant. Short or long, your drain will become clogged if there is enough hair present.

Tub Drains in the Bathroom

The drain in your bathroom tub also has to deal with quite a bit of hair. They are susceptible to a number of different kinds of bar soap, which can hang around in a drain and begin to build up. Between soap and hair, the drains in any tub can become easily clogged if you don’t take precautions. You can click here to get more details.

These are some of the most common reasons a drain may become clogged. Some other reasons for clogs include dropping a foreign object down the drain. Other causes may be the shape, diameter or length of the actual pipes. The more sharp bends and turns that are present, the likelier it will be that you experience a clog.

There are a few ways to help and remove these issues and reduce the chance of a clog developing:

* Remove food before it goes down the drain

* Use a drain strainer

* Use a drain maintenance product to prevent clogs and keep them free from odors

If a serious clog occurs be sure to call on professional Drain Clearance Bristol services from webiste Visit them online for more details.

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