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Just about every home-owner has at one point experienced the aggravating situation of blocked drains. There is never a convenient time for clogs and blockage to strike, and unfortunately the causes are vast. Both environmental and lifestyle patterns can determine the extent and frequency of your blocked drains. Knowing a bit more about these factors may help you prevent or avoid the most disastrous clogs.

Leave it to Wild Weather

The seasons come and go, but sometimes they leave behind some remnants of their wrath. This is especially true in the UK, where home-owners experience all four seasons. If you want to continue enjoying peaceful snowfalls and breath-taking thunderstorms, then you may want to learn a bit about how to prevent weather from clogging your drains. When the weather starts to get cooler, the leaves on the trees begin flying through the air, and some of them find their way into gutters and pipes. Leaves are especially good at piling up, especially when they are wet from an autumn rain.

Sneaky and Stealthy Snow

In much the same way, during the winter, a build-up of snowfall can accumulate in your drain or gutter. During a particularly active winter storm season, you may discover that loads of the white stuff has nestled in your drainage system. When the temperatures stay cool, this snow could remain in there for weeks or even months, which becomes troublesome for your system’s functionality.

Lifestyle Choices

If your household has a tendency to pour liquids and fluids down the kitchen sink, you may be adding to the clogging issue without even realising it. A build-up of fat, grease, and oil can lead to clogs that could get worse over time. Another common household practice is letting hair slip down the sink, either while fixing hair or bathing. Too many hair balls can prohibit water from getting through pipes, which can lead to heavy back-up. Home-owners who have children should take extra precautions against blockages, as kids have a nasty habit of throwing all sorts of things down sinks and toilets.

Seeking Help

Fortunately, you do not have to make radical lifestyle changes or move to another residential area. Stay right where you are and choose a professional services for drain clearance in Bristol. A team of experts can use their modern tools and equipment to get straight to work on those clogs, and they can also inform you about ways to prevent such issues in the future.

Total Drainage Services (South West) Ltd offers a comprehensive range of drain clearance & maintenance services including CCTV surveys, in Bristol, UK.

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