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Windows in Edinburgh – Save Money with Double Glazing

Windows in Edinburgh – Save Money with Double Glazing

By on Jun 11, 2015 in Business And Industrial |

If you could see how much heat was being lost through the windows and doors on your property, you would probably switch to double glazed windows in Edinburgh. The vast majority of homes throughout the United Kingdom are now fitted with these windows, which are stronger, safer and easier to maintain than normal windows. Your home’s carbon emissions could be reduced by more than 720kg annually once you hire a professional to fit these environmentally-friendly windows, so why not start saving money today?

Smaller Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy bills rising? If so, you will likely need to get new windows in Edinburgh fitted because in most cases, energy bills will increase if there are insulation problems. Normal windows have a single pane of glass, whereas double glazed windows have two panes separated by a layer of gas. As well as keeping heat indoors, double glazing will stop external noise from disrupting daily life. The energy rating will affect how much money you save, so contact the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) to find out what rating is best for your property. Click here to know more.

Less Condensation

When condensation builds up on the inside of windows it can leave your windows looking grubby. The primary cause of this is singled-glazed windows. Condensation can cause window frames to rot and can contribute to health problems if mould spores start growing around the window. The great thing about double glazed windows in Edinburgh is that condensation won’t occur. To further reduce the chances of condensation problems, invest in a dehumidifier. A machine of this kind will work by minimising the air’s water vapour content.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your windows once they have been fitted will be easy. Most double glazing fitters will protect your investment with some kind of money back guarantee. With regular cleaning you can keep the windows looking brand new. All you will need to do to ensure the frames maintain their pristine condition is wipe them with water and mild washing up liquid. This should remove stubborn marks. Any type of glass cleaner will be suitable or you can opt for a homemade solution. A natural recipe is vinegar, water and essential oils. For a streak-free finish, use newspaper rather than a cloth to apply the glass cleaner.

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